Japanese organic tea, What is black tea, koucha?

Black tea Koucha (fermented tea)

Black tea is made by completely fermenting tea leaves.


Tea leaves, Tawara Natural Farm

Black tea is the most popular type of tea in the world, and is produced in various regions of the world.

The first step is to remove the water and ferment the tea leaves through a process called “wilting,” and then rub the leaves to make them more fermented. After that, the tea leaves are unraveled to harden, fermented further, and dried to complete the black tea.

When brewed, the tea turns a darker brown than any other tea because the fermentation process is complete and the tea leaves are oxidized. Also, you may have the image that black tea = Europe, but the tea originally originated in China.

When Europe underwent the industrial revolution, many workers were needed, but at that time, they drank hot water because drinking raw water made them sick to their stomachs.

However, tasteless hot water tasted bad, so black tea with a good taste and nice aroma was imported from China, and black tea spread to Europe.

*At Tatawara Natural Farm, we call our black tea “Wakoucha”. 
The word “Wa” means Japan, and ”koucha” means black tea.

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Tawara Natural Farm uses natural farming methods to grow tea in an environment as close to nature as possible, without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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