The synergy of green tea and dashi doubles the taste of Japanese food

Katsuo dashi and kombu dashi are the basis of Japanese cuisine.
Creating flavors by utilizing the synergy of umami has been the wisdom of the Japanese people since ancient times.

Therefore, they studied how green tea, a standard drink that goes well with Japanese food, is related to umami.

They made a mixture of aqueous amino acid solutions of tea and bonito soup stock, and compared the synergistic effects of umami, and found that umami increased dramatically when the green tea model was mixed with the bonito soup stock model.

It was found that the combination of amino acids in tea and nucleic acids in dashi dramatically increased the “umami” of Japanese food. Tea has the potential to bring out the “umami” of Japanese food not only by combining it with dashi, but also by using it in cooking to make it more delicious.

Quoting from a study by ITO EN

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