Green tea removes chlorine from bath water and makes it mellow

Tap water contains chlorine. You can use a water purifier to remove chlorine from drinking water, but what can you do about the water in your bath?

The amount of chlorine and trihalomethanes released from a large amount of hot water is much higher than the amount released from a kitchen tap, and the toxicity of the chlorine released when inhaled is 100 to 10,000 times higher than when drunk.

Vitamin C, which has a strong reducing effect, is a reliable remedy for chlorine in the bath.
The chemical combination of vitamin C and chlorine eliminates the chlorine activity and the unpleasant irritation of the water.

Green tea is rich in vitamin C. It is a naturally occurring vitamin C.

Most of the vitamin C on the market is chemically synthesized.

If you mix a little green tea into your bath, it will remove chlorine and make you healthier.

Give it a try.

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