Green tea makes you healthy in winter

It’s the cold season.

Cold weather is a strong stress, so vitamin C and glutamine acid are depleted.

Glutamine is an important source of nutrition for the intestines, so when glutamine acid is not enough, the intestines stop moving.
Then the intestines will become constipated! and tries to produce a large amount of serotonin to promote peristalsis. Then, the brain lacks serotonin, and the symptoms of boredom and irritability appear.

This is where green tea comes in.

Green tea is rich in glutamic acid and vitamin C. In the cold season, brew hot tea and drink it.

It will relieve constipation and make you feel refreshed, and you will be able to fight off colds.

Tawara Natural Farm uses natural farming methods to grow tea in an environment as close to nature as possible, without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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