Nara Prefectural University of Medicine confirms Covid19 harmlessness with tea ingredients

It was two years ago, but tea has been found to be effective in combating Covid19.

The article is below.

 Nara Medical University has announced that an experiment using tea has confirmed its effectiveness in detoxifying a new coronavirus.    

Professor Juichi Yano and his colleagues at the Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Nara Medical University revealed this today. In the experiment, they mixed a solution of the new coronavirus with commercially available tea in a test tube and examined how much of the virus remained after a certain period of time had passed. Green tea in PET bottles, black tea boiled from tea leaves, and Yamato tea, a specialty of the prefecture, were used, and the effects were measured three times at room temperature. As a result, it was confirmed that the number of infectious viruses in black tea decreased to about 1/10,000 on average 30 minutes after being mixed with the virus liquid. The effect of detoxifying the virus was also partially confirmed with other teas. The university has not disclosed the brand name of the tea used in the experiment, saying that they have not obtained the consent of the manufacturer. The university also stressed that the results were obtained in a test tube experiment and that further study is needed to determine the detailed effects.

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