Organic and Delicious Green Tea Liquor

Did you know that green tea can be used to make alcoholic beverages?

Green tea contains tannins, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and is said to be effective in promoting blood circulation, mental stability, diuresis, relieving fatigue, preventing cholesterol increase, and lowering blood pressure. Green tea also contains more vitamin C than other teas.

But We don’t see many green tea liquor on the market. Don’t worry! You can make it easily.

natural farming green tea

*How to make green tea liquor


25 grams green tea leaves from natural farming 
475ml white liquor (alcohol content: 35% or higher)

1: Remove any debris from the green tea without washing it.

2: Put the green tea into a container and pour the white liquorin it, and let it steep.

3: It will be ready to drink in about one month.

It is recommended to use naturally grown tea leaves without pesticides.
The best tea leaves for use is the one harvested in early summer, when it has the most amino acids and vitamin C.

*How to drink and use tea
When you drink it, drink it straight and little by little.

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Tawara Natural Farm uses natural farming methods to grow tea in an environment as close to nature as possible, without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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オーガニックで美味しい 緑茶酒






自然農法の緑茶の茶葉 25グラム 
ホワイトリカー(アルコール度州35度以上) 475ml