Japanese Organic Tea Farm, Family Member, Shiro

Today We would like to introduce Shiro, our family member at Tawara Natural Farm.


Shiro, our long-time family member, is now about 12 years old. He is all white and lives in a kennel in front of the main house.

He has a gentle personality and is very friendly. He is a voracious eater and eats a lot. He eats too much. His favorite food is dried persimmons, which is the same as the master of the family. We are very much alike, aren’t we?

He also loves to go for walks, but we feel bad that we can’t take him out very often because we are too busy working at the farm.

Please come and see Shiro when you visit Tawara Natural Farm. Our farm’s landmark is the 👇 sign. We installed it this summer. It’s very cute and we like it.

Tawara Natural Farm, sign

Tawara Natural Farm uses natural farming methods to grow tea in an environment as close to nature as possible, without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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自然農法茶農家の家族 しろ