Japanese Organic Tea Farm, Season of Dried persimmons

The season of dried persimmons has come.

After the farm work is over, the best thing to do is to dry persimmons.

In the corner of our tea garden, there is a persimmon tree that my father in law planted decades ago, and every year we use it to make dried persimmons. It is a traditional dried fruit that has been eaten in Japan since ancient times.

Dried persimmons have a natural sweetness that makes them a perfect snack.

The process of making dried persimmons begins in November.

The process is simple.
First, peel the persimmon, attach a string to the bottom of the persimmon, sterilize it in boiling water, and hang it under the eaves of a house in the sun for about two weeks.
The trick is to occasionally rub the persimmon body softly. It is also important to keep them from being exposed to rain.

When they are dry, eat them in order. The less hard they become, the easier they are to eat and the better they taste.

Everyone in my family loves dried persimmons, but my husband and Shiro are especially fond of them.

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