Functional Properties of Tea, Deodorizing Properties

In China, when you eat with your hands, you may be served with tea leach in a bowl. This tea leach is used to wash the fingertips and hands after use, and when washed with it, the smell on the hands and fingers is removed. The purpose of this is to deodorize.

The smell of the fish that have lost their freshness, ammonia and amino acids will increase. In order to eliminate this odor, tea was added to sardine fish balls, and analysis of the head gas revealed that the component of methylamine, known as fish odor, was reduced. The same trend was observed when catechins contained in tea were used.

Tawara Natural Farm

In addition, catechins extracted and refined from green tea have strong deodorizing power against methyl mercaptan, and their effect is said to be greater than that of sodium copper chlorophyllin, which is conventionally used as an oral deodorizer.

Currently, the deodorizing effect of catechins is being used to deodorize gum, medical equipment for the elderly, and pets.

Tawara Natural Farm uses natural farming methods to grow tea in an environment as close to nature as possible, without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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お茶の機能性 消臭性